This page has direct links to our production downloads, as well as instructions on how to get older versions, betas and nightlies.

Stable version: Surge XT 1.2.3

The stable version of Surge XT is the one we recommend for music making in a normal production environment. It is tested, widely used, and available for the following platforms:

Windows 64-bit (Standalone, CLAP, VST3)

Windows 32-bit (Standalone, VST3)

macOS Intel/ARM Universal (Standalone, AU, CLAP, VST3)

Linux 64-bit (Standalone, CLAP, LV2, VST3 - .deb built on Ubuntu 18.04, LV2 with JUCE 6 community branch)

Want an RPM for Linux? Want a ZIP file? Need the source code bundle? Check our other available formats!

Other versions

All old Surge XT release builds

Surge XT nightly builds

Surge 1.9 and older versions

This project is maintained by the community at the surge-synthesizer open source project on GitHub.