Surge XT Beta

This page allows you to download the Surge XT Beta. Surge XT installs with a new plugin ID, so you can run and test it side by side with Surge 1.9.

See our draft nightly changelog for Surge XT here.

As of this writing, we still have a few features we are working on, especially around completing some of the screen reader support, but would like to get it in people’s hands for testing.

You testing the beta is how the release gets good, though! We need and welcome your feedback, either on GitHub or Discord. Also, even though the beta is in pretty good shape, it may still have bugs. Please be careful, use a limiter, don’t use in-ear headphones when experimenting and so forth, in case we have made a DSP error and you run across it!

Build: NIGHTLY-2022-05-28-5d65fc3 built at 2022-05-28 16:19:36 UTC


5d65fc3 : Fix wrong unit used for Spring Reverb Decay parameter (#6211)
Sat, 28 May 2022 17:27:45 +0200

Fix wrong unit used for Spring Reverb Decay parameter (#6211)

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