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A New Open Standard for Plugins and Hosts

CLAP is a new open standard for plugins and hosts. You can read more about this fully open source, industry supported, collaboratively developed standard at the June 15 announcement.

We are thrilled to be part of the cross-industry team which actively engaged in developing CLAP, and are grateful to all the folks in the open and closed source community who worked with us as collaborators. We also welcome an innovative, industry-supported, fully open standard, and are proud that the Surge family of products supports it on launch day!

The Surge Synth Team has been actively engaged in CLAP for more than a year, and Surge XT is one of the first synths to take full advantage of some of the newer features, such as polyphonic modulation.

We have a collection of plugins and tools you can use today to try CLAP.


We will get to Stochas soon! And Shortcircuit works as well as a CLAP as it does anything else, but thats still not very well! (In our defense, we’ve been working on CLAP!)

For Developers

We have several CLAP-related assets useful for developers