Reduced Installers

Surge 1.8 introduced the “Royal” surge skin by Voger Designs. This lovely skin supports up to 200% PNG zoom on Retina displays and looks great in 4K. But that’s a big set of PNG files (much but not all of the skin is SVG; some parts have to be PNG for technical reasons).

This skin alone adds about 40MB to the surge download so we are providing stripped installers on Windows. On the Surge releases page you can see all of our releases. If you click on 1.8.0 or NIGHTLY you will see an asset called “Surge-(version)-no-extra-Setup.exe” (and “-x86.exe”) which are the 32 and 64 bit versions of the Surge installer without this skin.

We strongly suggest you download the full Surge installer. The Royal skin is great! But we do know some of you are on limited connections and may not avail yourself of the skin, so we made this option available.

This project is maintained by the community at the GitHub Surge Synthesizer open source project