Old Releases

Old releases of Surge are not exactly like fine wines. We have consistently fixed bugs and features and recommend that folks always run the latest production release. But there are some folks who want or need to run old releases. For instance

  • If you need a VST2 and cannot build it yourself, you will not be able to use 1.7.0. See our formats page for why you probably want the VST3, but the 1.6 family binaries with VST2 are still available.
  • If you are sure - sure - we introduced a bug you can download old versions to compare
  • If you just enjoy running buggy betas from 2 years ago, we are happy for you to do so.

As such we've taken the stance of never removing our old binaries. You can browse them directly from our GitHub release page. Download what you want and have fun! And please remember if you file a big report, include your version.

Visit the GitHub Releases Page

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