The Nightly Build

Welcome to the Surge Nightly Build. You can download the nightly build for any of our supported platforms here.

Updated on 2020-10-28 09:45:31 UTC (diff)

d27d6a5 : Make MPE timbre correctly display in the UI as a bipolar modulator (#2990) - Luna Langton

The full git commit history is always available.

But before you do, please take a moment to understand the nightlies. We automatically build Surge on all our platforms with every commit to our main branch. This means the code you are about to download may be minutes old. Depending on the pace of development in the Surge team the code could contain bugs, contain new features which don’t work, and may even end up making patches that future Surge versions load differently, incorrectly, or not at all.

Our minimum advice if you use a nightly is to use a limiter on the output. We have made DSP errors in the nightlies which have made nasty clicks and pops.

But despite the above warning, we work really hard to have the nightlies be great. Most of the Surge team runs the nightly in their music making environment and the software is generally stable and robust. Also, using the nightly, finding a bug, and letting us know is how bugs get fixed. For more on that, learn how to contact us with questions and comments.

We keep a nightly changelog up to date by hand. It can lag the actual nightly by days or weeks, but is available here

This project is maintained by the community at the GitHub Surge Synthesizer open source project