Surge 1.9 Beta

Welcome to the Surge 1.9 Beta site!

We released Surge 1.8.1 in January 2021, and are planning to release Surge 1.9 in late April or early May of 2021. The 1.9 release candidate contains many new features, including 4 new oscillators and 16 new effects! You can read the nightly changelog here.

There’s no real difference between a Surge nightly and a beta, except that late in the release cycle we get confident that the nightly is pretty good, and so call it a beta. At this point, we think the bugs are mostly gone, the features all work, and barring an unforseen error, patches made with this Beta should work in the 1.9 production release, with the following exceptions:

  1. We still have some more modes and behaviors to add to the Alias oscillator, which will likely change its behavior still
  2. We may still make some tweaks to the Ensemble effect Clock Rate parameter in BBD modes
  3. We are still adapting the FX bank to include all the new features and so there will be UI change coming for sure

You all testing the beta is how the release gets good, though! We need and welcome your feedback, either on GitHub or on Discord. And even though the beta is in pretty good shape, it may still have bugs. Please be careful, use a limiter, don’t use in-ear headphones when experimenting, and so forth, in case we have made a DSP error and you run across it.

Finally, enjoy making music with Surge!

Build: NIGHTLY-2021-04-16-3403ba6 built at 2021-04-16 13:27:15 UTC

Details on the most recent change (diff):

3403ba6 : Fix Exciter Bug running over End of Sample Memory (#4315)
Fri, 16 Apr 2021 08:25:40 -0400

Fix Exciter Bug running over End of Sample Memory (#4315)

The drive multiply application accidentally applied at oversample
size not at sample size, but worked on the non-versampled data
so it caused a buffer overrun. In FXSend 2 slot (the last slot in
the storage) this caused a crash. (In other slots it would cause a
overwrite of the next buffer but that would get fixed by the next
buffer process)

Closes #4313

Full git commit history is always available. The five most recent commits are:

3403ba6 : Fix Exciter Bug running over End of Sample Memory (#4315) - Paul
d8a3021 : Update icons for FX bank (extended, tempo sync...) (#4314) - EvilDragon
a7bf808 : Put LFO envelope mode presets into Envelope subfolder (#4312) - EvilDragon
b15ffc6 : SurgeXT: Allow raw juce components in hierarchy easily (#4311) - Paul
f0cdf7f : Added authors to factory/3rd party patches that didn't have any (#4310) - EvilDragon


Please take a moment to understand the nightlies. We automatically build Surge on all our platforms with every commit to our main branch. This means the code you are about to download may be minutes old. Depending on the pace of development at Surge Synth Team, the code could contain bugs, new features which don’t work, and may even end up making patches that future Surge versions load differently, incorrectly, or not at all.

Our minimum advice if you use a nightly is to use a limiter on the output. We have made DSP errors in the nightlies before which created nasty clicks and pops, in worst cases sudden blasts of noise.

But despite the above warning, we work really hard to have the nightlies be great. Most of Surge Synth Team runs the nightly in their music-making environment, and the software is generally stable and robust. Also, using the nightly, finding a bug, and letting us know is how bugs get fixed. For more on that, learn how to contact us with questions and comments.

We keep the nightly changelog up to date by hand. It can lag the actual nightly by days or weeks, but is available here.

This project is maintained by the community at the GitHub Surge Synthesizer open source project