Feature Requests and Bug Reports

We love to hear from our users! The Surge XT project has been able to attain the quality it has today thanks to a dedicated group of musicians who gave patient and clear feedback on bugs and brainstormed ideas for new and improved features. We invite you to share your feedback, too!

The best way to reach the development team is either to open an issue on our GitHub issue page or join our Discord server and chat with us.

Good bug reports make good software, so please feel free to open a GitHub issue! There are some guidelines which may help.


Good GitHub issues should have clear titles (like “Mouse doesn’t map properly to filter section when modulating”, not “Bug”). They should contain some key information:

  • Include the full version information for your Surge XT version
  • Include the full information about your operating system. For instance: “MacOS 10.13.4” or “Unbuntu 18.04 LTS”
  • Include the information about your host. This is especially important since there are lot of hosts and we may not have heard of yours. If there’s a possibility to get a trial version of the host you’re using, letting us know is nice, as well.
  • We have made it very easy to gather all this information very quickly. Simply open Surge XT’s About page (the option is at the bottom of the main menu), then click Copy Version Info button!

Once all of that is included, please add a clear description of the bug, how you demonstrate it and what you expect. Screenshots can help, but clear text is good, too.

Here’s a great bug report:

“Surge Windows 10 VST3 version in FL Studio 20. When I am dragging a slider in modulation mode, if I drag off the end of the slider and keep dragging, the modulation slider can reset to the max. Unmodulated, the slider doesn’t do that”

That’s a real bug report we got. It was a one line fix once we had that clear description!

For features, feel free to be more creative. We love to hear ideas!

We try to fix bugs in a timely fashion. But as always, the best bug is one which comes with a pull request to fix it. Dive in! The code’s not that scary.

And thanks!

~ Surge Synth Team