This page contains changelogs for all release versions of Surge. For the latest developments, we are keeping a separate nightlies changelog, which will be merged to this page upon release.

Changes in Surge XT 1.1.2

We released Surge XT 1.1.2 on November 1, 2022.

The primary reason for this point release is that it contains a fix for a problem in recent versions of Ableton Live, where Surge XT’s sliders and Live’s VST3 automation conflict. If you have experienced jumpy or inconsistent sliders in Live, you should update Surge XT!

Additionally, 1.1.2 contains these incremental changes:

  • Plugins
    • Fixed inconsistent and jumpy sliders in Ableton Live, due to inconsistent VST3 value setter messages, which recent versions of Live would send
    • CLAP: Correctly labeled a number of parameters which are not polyphonically modulatable as such
    • CLAP: CLAP_NOTE_ON events with velocity of 0 will now act as note offs
    • CLAP: Defensively support the CLAP parameter cookie being nullptr without crashing
  • MIDI
    • Added an option for using MIDI channels 2 and 3 to play individual scenes, or not (enabled by default)
    • Clearing current MIDI mapping will now also clear it from the DAW session state
  • DSP
    • Processing block size is now a compile-time constant which can be a power of 2, but larger than 4 (Surge XT remains at block size of 32 samples)
    • Added the Absolute option for Combulator voices 2 and 3, so that their frequencies can be set as absolute values in Hz, unlinked from voice 1
    • Modulating global volume will now work (but be careful not to modulate too much!)
  • UI/UX
    • Fixed a crash in the FX grid which occured on some Linux systems
    • Muted oscillator waveforms will now appear semi-transparent
    • Fixed the always-on-top pin button for the torn out overlays not being visible on macOS
    • Waveshaper effect parameter group names clearer
    • Added an option to display CPU load as a number in the VU meter (Menu > Value Displays)
    • Middle-mouse click on Patch and Category previous/next buttons will load random patch (regression from Surge 1.9)
    • Patch comments tooltip will now appear more quickly
    • Added a few accessibility labels and annoucnements we’ve missed, including the About screen
    • Holding Shift when saving a patch will force-overwrite the patch (bypasses the dialog asking if you want to overwrite the patch)
    • Shift-clicking in the main frame to open the main menu will now show Developer submenu
    • We will now display skin’s category in the About screen, if it’s defined in the skin’s XML file
    • Restored the CLAP logo to the About screen of the Surge Dark skin
  • Content
    • Added LinnStrument/MPE optimized patches from Roger Linn and the LinnStrument community
  • Infrastructure and work to re-introduce Surge XT in VCV Rack
    • Fixed a problem where an invalid patch in the user search path could in some cases crash the patch database scanner
    • Modified CMake so that Surge XT can be used as a sub-library of another project
    • Made surge-common buildable without building all of JUCE, instead cherry-picked a few JUCE dependencies
    • Made surge-common build without Lua
    • Provided a from-disk windows.wt loading strategy for VCV Rack
    • CMake now exports a compile_commands.json

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