This page contains changelogs for all release versions of Surge. For the latest developments, we are keeping a separate nightlies changelog, which will be merged to this page upon release.

Changelogs for versions prior to Surge XT 1.0 release can be found here.

Changes in Surge XT 1.2.1, 1.2.2, and 1.2.3

Headline Changes

  • In 1.2.0 we have corrected a problem with audio input for irregular block sizes, but we warned about this situation too loudly and way too often - the warning is now moved to the audio input oscillator screen (in 1.2.2; in 1.2.1 it is on every oscillator screen), but the feature is kep
  • Renaming a patch could cause a race condition in our patch database - especially on Linux systems - causing a simple rename to show a large number of database lock errors - this is now fixed


  • Pitch slider set to 0 in Absolute mode now tunes correctly with Scala tuning files loaded


  • Fixed pitch bend becoming stuck when toggling MPE mode during held bent note
  • Made sure Portamento set to 0 is strictly 0 in all modes


  • Clearing FX slot or chains will now disable bypass if a slot or slots were bypassed
  • Dragging a node in MSEG shows a value tooltip
  • Fixed font difference after typein for VKB Tempo field
  • Fixed a problem where Oscilloscope improperly grabbed keyboard focus
  • Allowed envelope retrigger options for Latch play mode
  • Fixed a problem whereby the Tempo field in standalone didn’t work in some cases


  • Added CC0 license to the Init Square template patch


  • 1.2.3 contains our last binary distribution of the LV2 format. Going forward users needing an LV2 will need to self build. (1.2.1 is missing an LV2).

Changes in Surge XT 1.2.0

Changes in Surge XT 1.1.2

Changes in Surge XT 1.1.1

Changes in Surge XT 1.1

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Changes in Surge XT 1.0