Surge 1.8 Beta Program

We are looking to enlist folks to help us test Surge 1.8. Download the beta here.

In the 6 months since Surge 1.7 was released we’ve spent a lot of time adding some really substantial features. The draft of the full changelog is here, but some highlights are:

  • A fully featured MSEG modulator and editor
  • A large number of new filter types
  • Many of the Airwindows effects in the FX chain
  • Substantial graphics improvements
  • And a lot more

We’ve also had several new devs join the team! So now we are getting ready to ship Surge 1.8 in early/mid January 2021, and we need your help beta testing.

If you would like to beta test, it’s easy. Here’s how you do it

  1. Download the latest nightly beta from here
  2. Install it and play around with!
  3. Something seems wrong or broken? Let us know, preferably in the #bug-reports channel on our Discord server, or by opening an issue on GitHub, but you can reach us in other ways, too.

If you do find a problem, please share the version of Surge you are running. This is now super easy: open the About screen, click “Copy Version Info”, and paste that into your bug report.

There are a few areas where we are especially looking for testers. Please consider trying the beta:

  • If you use Windows, HiDPI, and Ableton Live
  • If you are running on Apple Silicon (1.8 release is a fat binary, but we don’t have the hardware, although we do have confirmation that it works just fine)
  • If you are using a somewhat less mainstream DAW (we regularly test in Bitwig, Reaper, Logic, Live, FL, Ardour and a few others)
  • If you know your environment is somehow odd and want to make sure it works
  • If you suspect your enviroment is perfectly normal, and still want to make sure it works!

At this time the beta is mostly complete. We have some smaller issues left to address and critically we are still doing a bit of work on the Allpass and non-linear (NL) filters (which may even get a different name). But patches made with the beta will work with 1.8 and all the filters are fair game for testing.

We’re very excited for Surge 1.8, but it is really hard to fully test a synth in a volunteer project in the numerous environments we support. If you have some time over the end of year and would like to help us make Surge great, please do consider giving the beta a whirl and let us know what you find!

This project is maintained by the community at the GitHub Surge Synthesizer open source project